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Music is Life

That’s why our hearts have beats.

About our Fundraising concept

As founders of the Global Heartbeat Initiative, we are united not only by a close friendship and a healthy dose of idealism and empathy, but first and foremost by our love of music and live events such as concerts and festivals.

Music unites people worldwide and serves as a source of hope, strength and inspiration. We were particularly influenced by the character of (punk) rock, which creates a special motivation to live out creativity and individuality and at the same time to feel part of a large community in which one stands up for others and where social awareness is writ large.

For this reason, the organization of live events with musicians/bands we appreciate is at the heart of our fundraising concept, as in this way we would like to jointly attract as many like-minded people as possible to our cause.

Upcoming Events

Heartbeat Festival

6./7. Sep 2024

Fairground Meinbrexen

Village road 19a

37697 Lauenförde-


Heartbeat Concert Series

Nov 24, 2023


Kyle’s Tolone

Delta Constellations

Theaterstübchen Kassel

Past events

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