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Global Heartbeat Family

Get to know our cooperation partners, who are instrumental
are involved in the success of our work. In particular, our sponsors enable us as an association to implement numerous projects.
Thank you very much for this!

Kilele e.V.

Petra Kscheschinski / Monika Braun / Dr. Jackson Rereu Njapit Kandern & Kenya

The Kilele Project, which was founded by Petra Kscheschinski and Monika Braun from Kandern, supports the population in the Masai Mara region through various projects in the areas of health, education and nutrition.
Petra’s main occupation is her own practice for naturopathy. She is also a recognized speaker at many health conventions.
Monika, on the other hand, has been running a safari camp in Kenya for years and is accordingly well connected and familiar with the Masai culture and local peculiarities.
The shared passion for the African continent in combination with Petra’s expertise in health care and many incisive experiences and encounters in Kenya were ultimately the motivation to get involved with the local population and to found Kilele e.V..
With Dr. Jackson Rereu Njapit, an extremely competent and trustworthy doctor could be found, who has been providing health care in the region for years now. As a Masai, he also serves as a bridge to cross cultural divides and educate the population on health at eye level.

Future Minds Development Initiative

Habeeb Ali, MD Cochrane/Canada and Ibadan/Nigeria

Dr. Habeeb Ali is the lead project partner of our malaria research project in Nigeria.
While working full-time as a physician in Canada, he is involved in the Future Minds Development Initiative in his native Nigeria to improve health care for the local population. Through his collaboration with Global Heartbeat, malaria research has become the focus of his initiative. As a result of the publication of the data, integrative clinical centers will be created to treat infectious diseases such as malaria and other local “common diseases.”

Pastor Sunil, Andhra Pradesh, India

Our local project partner is Pastor Sunil Kumar. He has been working for years in southern rural India to help destitute children and orphans. It also supports initiatives for microenterprise, education and health. We are pleased about a very positive and trustworthy cooperation so far.

Lahai Roi e.V.

Lahai-Roi is a non-profit association whose mission is to support people in one of the poorest regions of Romania and to create new perspectives. In Victoria, near the Moldovan border, a boarding school is run, currently housing 30 children from the poorest family backgrounds.

Even in times of crisis, such as currently in Ukraine, we are standing by the people and showing them that we stand together by distributing food and relief supplies throughout the country.


Our sponsors

W Medical Systems GmbH

W Medical Systems GmbH focuses on research, development, training and sales in the field of regenerative medicine. With the help of what is now a very large international network of doctors and researchers, the company is constantly working on innovative new therapeutic methods.

Weber Medical GmbH

weber medical GmbH was founded in 2003 after many years of research and development in the field of medical laser therapy and quickly became one of the world’s leading companies for medical laser technology and photodynamic therapy. The company’s goal is an integrated concept: uniting research, development, training and service-friendly sales under one roof.

BSW Healthcare

BSW Healthcare GmbH is a university spin-off created in 2018 and focuses on the research and development of pharmaceutical and herbal formulations, especially for the healthcare market. Additional business areas include consulting for pharmaceutical companies, physicians and research institutions, as well as the distribution and marketing of private labels and products.

Nube Health

Nube Health is a medical facility for integrative healing, preventative medicine and chronic degenerative disease. Nube Health specializes in photodynamic laser therapy, cancer and immunotherapy, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, disc degeneration, neurodegenerative diseases, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s disease and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Seid Cosovic

Dr. Seid Cosovic is a family and sports medicine physician (specializing in pain management) in Troy, Michigan. He earned his medical degree from Santiago University of Technology (School of Medicine), completed his residency at Wayne St University Detroit M C. and has been practicing for more than 20 years.