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Research project: Development of a new therapeutic option for malaria (tropica)

Worldwide, more than 400,000 people die of malaria each year, about two-thirds of whom are children under the age of five. Our goal: to develop new and safe therapeutic methods. To this end, we have already been successfully researching a new protocol for the treatment of Malaria Tropica in Nigeria since 2015.

Support in the areas of health, education and nutrition

The Kilele Project supports the rural population in the Masai Mara region through various initiatives: Building a community clinic, building a school for the orphans in the village, and an emergency program to ensure food supplies in the region.

Children Home in India

We are currently building the first Global Heartbeat Children Home in India, which aims to provide care, education and real prospects for destitute children.

Global Heartbeat is also involved in the current crisis relief for the people in Ukraine.

Thanks to our partners and sponsors, we have now been able to forward a sum of 11,750 EUR to our partner aid organization Lahai-Roi, which is using it to organize aid transports (primarily food and medicine) to Ukraine and to the border region in Romania. Since the work here is also done on a voluntary basis, 100% of the donations reach the people on site. We thank you for the great commitment of Lahai-Roi and hope that YOU will also support us and Lahai-Roi in the future.

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