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In cooperation with Kilele e.V. we work on a sustainable better medical care in rural Kenya (Masai Mara).

The Kilele Project, which was started by Petra Kscheschinski and Monika Braun from Kandern, supports the rural population in the Masai Mara region through various initiatives:
Establishing a community clinic with Dr. Jackson as the lead physician. In addition to the premises, a wide range of equipment for modern diagnostics and therapy has already been sponsored and a birth center has been built.
In the area of education, support is being provided for a village for widows and orphans, for which a school is currently being built. So far, 20 children are being taught there, but an estimated 200 children live in the school’s catchment area.
Food Security: As food prices increased significantly in 2020 (due to heavy rains with floods as well as a Covid-19 lockdown), an emergency program was put in place to ensure food security in the region. Global Heartbeat has contributed in the first step to better equip the community clinic.
“It is with great pleasure that we can announce that we have been able to significantly expand the laboratory at Dr. Jackson Njapit’s Koyaki Community Clinic thanks to an extremely generous sponsorship from Global Heartbeat e.V., Weber Medical and W Medical Systems.
Thanks to the commitment of the initiators Robert Weber, Nina Weber, Daniela Rückschloss and Benedict Jilg, who will continue to accompany and support the Kilele project in the future […] we were able to install a so-called “Bloodcount” machine including equipment on site, which enables the team to carry out immediate reliable blood analyses and thus to treat the patients in a more targeted, faster and more effective way.
Furthermore, 4 high quality hospital beds were purchased through the above sponsors so that the birth center continues to take shape. From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU and Ashe Oleng.” (Petra Kscheschinki, Kilele e.V.)
In the next step, we would like to introduce modern (laser) technology and therapy procedures with which infectious diseases such as malaria, but also pain, wounds, inflammations, etc. can be effectively treated, but also participate in education and awareness initiatives such as the current school construction. We regularly share news from the project and other information about our activities on social media.

In September 2022, the Global Heartbeat team visited the project on site. Here are some impressions: